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As an entrepreneur, I am always thinking about brand and personal development. I follow several change agents on various social media platforms and I always reach out to them with questions! Asking questions is the best way to learn! So I reached out to Mr. Daniel Dickey on Facebook to asking him a few brand Keep Reading

Hey Goal Getters! Please join us as we embark upon 2017 with a good book in hand! Each month we will read a different book and chat daily in our Facebook group about our readings! I have done the hard part for you and found all the books on Amazon for you! Please join us Keep Reading

Nikk Nelson

In the era of colorful, whimsical and outrageous hair styling one can begin to believe natural hairstyles are a trend of the past. However, natural hair styling (no chemicals) is the newest trend taking over today’s celebrity pop culture. Along with this hair trend is a fast emerging celebrity hairstylist that is an expert in Keep Reading


On June 17, 2016, I officially graduated from Nova Southeastern University. With tears in my eyes and heart filled with joy, I humbly walked across the stage to shake the hands of Nova Southeastern University’s officials. I completed my degree requirements in October 2015, but I had to wait to publicly announce. For months, I Keep Reading

Have you ever thought about why some of your best ideas seem to happen in the most random places such as on the toilet, a red light, or while doing something totally crazy? Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer suggested that our brains give us our best and creative ideas when: A lot of dopamine is Keep Reading


Cirque du Soleil is internationally known for its breathtaking shows that are results of mind boggling yet beautiful artistry. I had the chance to watch KURIOS in Atlanta and the show was complex and imaginative filled with determination, flow, and creativity. I love Cirque du Soleil because their shows have something about them that always Keep Reading


Learn to Brand yourself can be whatever you want to be in life!!! MAKE YOUR DREAM YOUR REALITY!!! Haters or my MOTIVATORS #Motivation #LiveLoveLaugh #ComedicRockstar #MakingHistory #Focused A photo posted by kevinhart4real (@kevinhart4real) on Nov 15, 2013 at 5:41pm PST Kevin Hart said it best when he said, "learn to brand yourself. People you Keep Reading


Hello fellow Goal Getters. Blue Monday got you down? Blue Monday – the third Monday in January – is allegedly the most miserable day of the year. First, I want you to know that you should know that you are powerful beyond measure and all you need to do is change your mindset. Sure you Keep Reading


It is the last Wednesday of the year and I am super excited to see what happens in 2016. I spent 2015 learning, planting seeds, watering my soul, creating & ending relationships. Although I had great blessings come my way, I had hardships too. The hardships made the blessings even sweeter! I am super grateful Keep Reading


It is time to celebrate the kick off of Goal Getters Academy!Goal Getters Academy one-day workshop is an innovative, fun, chic approach & extremely easy way to learn, grow & excel in personal and business branding. I will discuss mindset execution, pitching yourself, technology integration, brand consistency, and more. During this engaging mastermind class you Keep Reading