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6 Life Lessons Learned From Cirque du Soleil KURIOS

Cirque du Soleil is internationally known for its breathtaking shows that are results of mind boggling yet beautiful artistry. I had the chance to watch KURIOS in Atlanta and the show was complex and imaginative filled with determination, flow, and creativity. I love Cirque du Soleil because their shows have something about them that always appeals to your senses.
Kurios is a fascinating realm that disorients your senses and challenges your perceptions. All of a sudden the visible becomes invisible, and perspectives are transformed.

Cirque du Soleil embraces big change. Circuses, since their invention, have been associated with animals and ringmasters. Cirque du Soleil reinvented the experience and the economics of the circus. Cirque du Soleil completely did away with these previously required elements.

KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities has a cast of 46 artists from 15 different countries. About 60% of the artists have already worked with Cirque du Soleil previously.

As I drove home, I realized that everyone have a lot to learn from the artists.

The life lessons I learned:
1. Trust
When the performers jump from one pole to another, they place their trust in their co-performers’ abilities. The first thing I realized was the truth these talented performers had to possess in order to participate in this show. Some of performers were tossed over 15 feet into the air and still landed in their co-performer’s reach. They were basically putting the chance of their lives in the hands of these performers. When you think about it, you realize that what they are really putting trust in is the strength of their co-performer’s gifts. Performers were even tossed over 10 feet into the air and still landed on their feet.

When it comes to your success, how much trust do you have in your strengths or the strengths of your team? If you were tossed 15 feet into the air, hypothetically speaking, would you trust your team to catch you? Would you have trust that they would put in the work necessary to make the death defying catch? Hek, would you even trust yourself to make that catch? Many times when we look at the concept of trust we say “Hey, I believe” but do you truly believe in your team or yourself? Success does not occur in a vacuum. If the answer to that vital question is perhaps “no” then you want to pause and take the time to develop this weakness. Focus on the practice of becoming great personally and with your team so that you can trust the work that was put in to allow you and the team to be successful, which leads to the second life lesson…
2. Mistakes
“You can only go forward by making mistakes.” – Alexander McQueen
Now I know you might be thinking how can you have trust and mistakes at the simultaneously? Especially when it comes to putting trust in your co-performers actions. Let me tell you a little secret. Excellence doesn’t mean flawlessness, it means working hard to do everything with a high level of expectation. As I watched the performers, I saw them make very small and very unnoticeable mistakes.
The thing that made them so epic is when they made mistakes was that they made a mistake but kept the show moving forward and not making a scene. I bet most people did not even notice the mistakes.
Just image how epic it would be if we could take the same approach when we make mistakes? Just keep it moving like Alexander Mcqueen suggested. There is not one great change maker in the world that have yet to not make a mistake. Don’t let mistakes stop you from taking another risk. Do not be like the people that let mistakes hold you back.
3. Synergy
Each of the performers had synchronized movements. Synergy is only possible when self- confidence is evident. The performers had to practice at least 10 thousands of hours to perform the way they perform.
4. Talents
The performers are creative and multi-talented, as well as skilled. Each one of the performers talents is exceptional and they give immaculate performance as a team and individually. Although they know their talents, they do not allow their ego to be bigger than their co-presenters talent.

5. Focus

As I continued to watch KURIOS, I recognized that not one time did these performers ever allow distractions to disrupt their focus and concentration. They had thousands of people in the crowd watching and cheering for them, but yet they were unbothered by the distractions of the crowd. They knew what their purpose was…to put on a jaw dropping performance.
If you are trying to win, this type of focus is what it takes to win. In today’s busy society it is easy to be distracted by things that peak our senses. There is the world filled with social media platforms such as Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other tech devices such as television, & computers. In all honesty, the list is infinite. These are not the only items competing for your attention but a person who is focused knows how to limit the distraction and does not let any of these things distract them from their purpose. They are as focused as a laser and strong-minded. Focused people will get to their end result by any means necessary. The only way to have that type of focus is to have a transparent goal for your purpose and what you are trying to achieve. Clear goals have the product of the finest focus for achievement.


6. Bond
The performers displayed a wonderful bond amongst them despite their different backgrounds, and cultures. They created a unique bond through their work. Although the performers had different experiences, they spoke the same language of excellence.

As you progress in this thing called life, you need to push beyond your comfort level, believe in yourself and your team, and continue to excel forward.
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Photos Source: Allied Marketing

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