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7 Ways To Transform Yourself Into The Best Version of You


Everyone has a yearning to make change, but a desire to transform oneself, to transform one’s affliction, in order to get free and help other people, and change the world is a good desire. We are all different but we all want to change the world in some sort of form and/or fashion.

So if we took the steps for personal transformation; the world would change by focusing on our own change.

Maria Robinson said, “nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today to make a new ending.” This is so true here are seven simple changes you can make.

Do the right thing

When you do what your inner gut tells you to do then you are already transforming. For example, live in the now and show gratitude for the opportunities you have already been provided. It is not easy to do this all the time, but you can do it. Keep a focus on what is right and be your best you can be and you will see a major difference. Stay consistent with doing what is right. Here are a few actions you can implement today: giving someone a well deserved compliment; holding the door; or even eating a healthy breakfast instead of stopping through the drive through in the morning.

Be kinder towards other people

Believe it or not, being humble, calm, and kind can get you further ahead in life.

See when you are humble, you open the universal door for people to embrace you. It shows that you place yourself at a level to receive.

Think smaller not small

It is so often we hear people telling us to think big. No one ever tells us to think small. It is nothing wrong with thinking small. See if you are really trying to transform your life, start small. Realizing your desire to transform is just half the battle. Think about how a pearl is created. A grain of sand enters the oyster only to irritate it. Over time a beautiful and desired pearl is formed. It took something as small as a grain of soil to make a difference.

Make yourself celebrate

One of the secrets to making ripples is celebrating every single time you complete a micro-goal. Have designated set of ways to celebrate.

A new handbag? A new car?

(You may ask but that is your choice. I was thinking more of a high five to yourself.)

If you do not celebrate yourself, who else will?

Self-celebration is vital. But don’t forget to give credit and thank those who helped you to get there.

Accept that failure is success

Lets be honest with ourselves. It is no secret that our worst fear is often failure. Albert Einstein once said, failure is success in progress. Encountering our failures and fears prompts the most vital and necessary changes in our lives.

Failure is like our creative juice. Believe it or not, failure is the universe’s mechanism to shift and reset our perspectives, make a mental change, or a recalibration of our positioning system. Failure keeps us grounded and puts our lovely ego in check. Do not live in a culture of perfection. Failure is an opportunity for feedback.

Start your day with life S.A.V.E.R.S.

Start your day with six quick and personal development practices.

All it takes is 7 minutes! *Adapted from Entrepreneur

S is for silence

A is for affirmations

V is for visualizations

E is for exercises

R is for reading

S if for scribing

Create the space

You clearly cannot transform anything if there is no space to create change. As mentioned before it takes time to see transformation. So therefore you need to make time. Block time off on your schedule for YOU. Clean your office or an area in your house that gives you a physical place to create change.


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