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Building Your Best Life and Brand in 360 Degrees with Mr. Daniel Dickey

As an entrepreneur, I am always thinking about brand and personal development. I follow several change agents on various social media platforms and I always reach out to them with questions!
Asking questions is the best way to learn! So I reached out to Mr. Daniel Dickey on Facebook to asking him a few brand development questions so I can share with you!
Why is it important to market yourself in 360 degrees?
Marketing yourself is very important in this day in age because EVERYBODY is pursuing attention in some way or another. For businesses especially your competition is only growing in the market and it also seems like the businesses who get the most leads are also the ones who get the most attention. So if you’re business isn’t saying “Hey Look at Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!” by way of marketing, advertising, publicity etc…You won’t likely be chosen.
What 3 books do you recommend for brand management?
The Power of Broke – Daymond John
Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk
The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman
What are two quotes you live by as a change agent?
“In life you have to keep it moving forward positively and productively no matter what comes your way in life, if you do this good things will always find their way on to your path.” Daniel Dickey
“”I will live my life full of love and full of fun. It’s the only way I know how.” Craig Sager
Which brands are implementing 360 degree brand management seamlessly?
Under Armor is killing the game right now penetrating market share through the entire wide world of sports, they are making their name synonymous with sweat.
Air BnB saw a problem and offered a solution while quickly gaining the trust of millions annually in travel. They are at this point a global company with very little global investment based on their business model.
Do you think there is a formula to brand management? If so, share the prescribed formula.
Anything you are looking to build will need to begin with a sturdy/high quality foundation. Foundational pieces include passion, the ability to do something well, business licenses, tax id, logo and website. Those things need to be in place to be taken seriously in the marketplace. Managing brands is about establishing a quality foundation and then utilizing every aspect in the marketing mix to take brands to the next level.
Do you think you can separate your personal brand from your business brand? Is it possible?
I do not think so actually, I believe that we are seeing more and more now how individuals personal brands are impacting business brands. On one hand we have president-elect Donald Trump who fused his personal brand and business brand together to be the first president to have zero political or military experience. On the other hand you have individuals like Ryan Lochte, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and countless others whose personal lives, views and decisions caused their business enterprises to lose millions of dollars. The notion that business is not personal in my opinion is a very antiquated philosophy. With more and more people turning to entrepreneurship to achieve the american dream, no longer looking to work a couple decades at someone else’s company, the work becomes more imperative and the losses not only impact their businesses but their families as a whole which is very personal. So at the point business decisions effect personal lives and personal decisions affect businesses…The lines are far too blurry to be separate.
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