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Design the life you love in 2016


It is the last Wednesday of the year and I am super excited to see what happens in 2016.
I spent 2015 learning, planting seeds, watering my soul, creating & ending relationships.
Although I had great blessings come my way, I had hardships too. The hardships made the blessings even sweeter! I am super grateful for them both! I wouldn’t change my life experiences for nothing in the world!

Are you living the life you love?
What are you looking forward to in 2016?
What is one thing you are going to change? Come on tell me.
What is one thing you are going to start doing?

Well, what you think you may need may be exactly what is holding you back from designing the life you really want.

Sound really crazy huh?

Well in my Kevin Hart voice, “let me explain.”
When I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted in my life personally and professionally. I thought the answer was plain and simple: I didn’t know enough.

I thought I needed to take every webinar and attend every conference available to mankind. This led me down the path of spending thousands of hours in time and money. I was simply trying to convince myself that this new training would finally be the missing link to my yearning for success.

Let me be real with you. The truth was I’d always have this feeling of disappointment after starting the webinar and/or professional development.
Let me tell you things I used to say… “This is nothing new” “I knew this” “This is so basic”… I was so pissed that I was so close to disputing the charges on my credit cards. The truth is that it is not that I didn’t know it, it is I lacked the inspiration to apply what I know.

There are no shortcuts to success. I thought the elevator would get me there a lot quicker. Honey I was wrong! The power failed and I had to take the stairs instead.

Do you understand?
How many times this year did you say you wanted something different in your life?

It does not matter if you wanted to attract the man or woman of your dreams; lose weight; create a successful business; start a blog or achieve any personal goal you have set for yourself.
There is a great chance that what you want is holding you back. My grandma used to say everything that glistens isn’t gold. So that gold may be something you may not need.

Everything you need to design the life you love is inside of you.
You. Yes you! You know what you need to do. You can teach others and hell even right a book about it.

So the authentic question is…
What’s holding me back from designing the life I love and who do I need to become to create these epic results?

Clarity is within reach. Cicero said it best, “ Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.”

You don’t have to find clarity because you are clarity. You are the light. You have knowledge. You already know what you want, why you want it, and you have to commit to clarity.
It is like a marriage it is a commitment,commit only to things that are in complete alignment with who you are, represents your values and your calling and purpose you are been here to fulfill.

It is called innerworks another name for transformation!

Change will not happen by learning a new strategy but by being your best self and acknowledging clarity.

Here are a few tips on designing the life you love:
-Focus on what you can do to make a difference
-Commit to contributing to your desired outcomes
-Embrace your why
-Be in alignment with what you really want
-Do the work to make it happen!

I would like to chat with you and help you enhance and embrace clarity.

I only want to speak to goalgetters. Goal Getters are action takers; who are ready to take off.

If that is you, please schedule a time for us to get on the phone and speak.

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Random Tip:
Buy books from Goodwill. It is cheaper.

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