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These are the apps mentioned during the session below!
Xtranormal A website that hosts text-to-speech based computer animated videoclips, featuring animated three-dimensional characters speaking

Voki Create customized avatars. Add voice to your Voki avatars. Post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile.

US History Timeline Description ‘US History Timeline(Free)’ is an application which shows the list of important events from US history.

Today’s Document Today’s Document is an interactive gallery that displays a significant historical document or photo for each day of the year.

SuperLame is a free tool that will allow you to add comic bubbles to pictures. Instead of creating a boring timeline, students can be a little more creative!

Paperli is a free tool that allows you to publish Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any web content into an online newspaper.

EdCanvas is an online multimedia Web tool for teachers and students to create presentations, WebQuests, projects, online courses

QR Code Treasure Hunt create quizzes and test questions for your student!