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Gender Equality in Education

According to ACLU, on June 23, 1972, Title IX, an unprecedented effort to end sex discrimination in education, became the law of the land. While most famous for its requirement that schools provide girls with equal athletic opportunities, the law applies to all educational programs that receive federal funding, and to all aspects of a school’s educational system. Title IX benefits both males and females and is the lynchpin of thirty-five years of efforts to promote and establish gender equity in schools.
Although there are 10 areas of emphasis I find it interesting that girls still lag in the field of technology.
Before Title IX
The old stereotype that girls are to become caregivers. Lack the ability to achieve in math and science took on a new dimension when we progressed to the technology revolution. Computer science was considered male territory, and computer games were designed as boys’ toys. If a woman used a computer, it was for data entry and secretarial work.

Since Title IX
Through modern technological advancements even more essential that students keep up with technology, not only for their education, but also for later entrepreneurship and employment. Title IX opened the doors to technology for women and girls. Today, girls and boys spend equal amounts of time on the computer both at home and at school.

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