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Isolation vs. Solitude: How do you operate?

“One of the reasons our society has become such a mess is that we’re isolated from each other.” Maggie Kuhn

Does your “busyness” or “business” keep you isolated. Yes, we are around many people daily buy our tunnel vision dedication to our goals isolates us. We are operating in a vacuum and we do not like to be interrupted by anyone including our loved ones. We rather sit and check off of a box on our “to do list.” Is it me or is it when I opt to do something other than my list, I get ticked off when things don’t fall according to plan. Do is it happen to you too? Even better, do you get upset when your friends stop inviting you out to events because they know that you are going to give them the typical answer, ” I am busy.” ? We have become like little isolated beasts in a cave. We have forgotten how to extend the hand and reach out, and we didn’t schedule time for it, or even we have just lost that skill. We think if we had more time to mark that check box, we would feel better, instead we feel beat and tired. Our exhaustiveness is an energy drainer. There is a difference between solitude and isolation. We just have to sit down and realize it.

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