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Life isn’t about you! Live with passion on purpose

There was a lovely queen that lived in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the daughter of a wealthy king. She was the heir to the throne. Her father was the ruler until his death. She was not “called” to be queen. She had all of the Gucci and Prada bags one handbag lover could desire. She was always amongst the social elite. She lived in a huge home with beautiful decor. Golden floors and crystal light fixtures adorned the home. So many nights she played the hostess to many well heeled guests. When the guests left she was always left alone and her glistening smile turned into a pillar of sadness. She always complained that although she had all of these things in the home, it still felt cold. As usual she went to sleep alone. One morning, the queen was awaken by the beautiful passion filled songs of two little red birds that made their home outside of her bedroom window. She said, “ha maybe the birds could sing to me and make me better.” One of the little red bird’s beak was cracked so she did not want that one. She wanted the pretty one. So she took the pretty red bird and placed it into a cage. The caged bird no longer song. She asked the cage bird, “what happened to your beautiful passionate filled songs?” The bird responded, ” I have no purpose. Ask the other bird outside why I stopped singing.” So the queen asked the other bird with the cracked beak, “why did the other bird stop singing?” The bird said,”he is not passionate because he is not operating in his purpose.” After the bird with the cracked beak said it, he dropped dead. The queen returned to the caged bird. The cage bird asked the queen, “what did he say?” The queen responded, “he said, you were not operating in your purpose and then he dropped dead.” The caged bird dropped dead too. So the queen tossed the caged bird out the window and closed it.Then as the queen turned her back to walk out of the room, she heard the beautiful songs of the red birds. She opened the window in astonishment. The birds told her, our purpose is to sing and fly. You tried to take us out of our purpose and that is not how their purposes was planned. The bird with the broken beak also told her that when you operate in passion in your called area, your passion is about “pass- i- on.” It is not about you. Your strengths are not yours. Your weaknesses are not yours.

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