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Modern Entrepreneur: Cici Gunn

the six figure chick in red shirt
 In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to  continue to highlight modern entrepreneurs who are making changes in their communities as well as the small business world. This week I selected to interview Cici Gunn, “The Six Figure Chick.”  I found her story to be powerful and I wanted to share it with the world.  Cici Gunn is a prime example of how you can take lemons and turn them into lemonade. Cici is an  Instagram Strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to create content, collect coins and use influence to build income.
Q: What/who inspired you to become an social media entrepreneur?
A: Necessity, I was as accidental entrepreneur. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 started sharing my story on Instagram. I began to build a community that eventually started to ask to pay me for the information I was providing. It became a great way to focus on positive things while going through chemo.
Q: What is your purpose?
A: To help someone who thinks they can’t succeed, see an example of what’s possible. 
Q: How have your past experiences influenced you?
A: Just life in general, I’ve been a bookworm all of my life and it has been the biggest influence in staying interested in growing my brand and helping my community.
Q: Fall or Summer?
A: Fall!! I’m a southern girl but can’t stand being hot. Fall is my favorite season because there’s a calmness to the world.
Q: Which one do you think is more important? Purpose or Passion
A: Purpose. Passion can come and go, but staying true to what you’re intended to do or be will keep you going on those days you want to throw your business to the wind. 
Q:What are your most influential habits and why?
A: Read and write something everyday. The most important part of building your brand is being you. Reading daily allows you to continue growing, whether its a urban fiction romance, textbook, or motivational quotes. The way you process and apply the information is what shapes who you are and what you represent. I write like I breathe, it’s vital for me to do it daily. 
Q:How do you set goals and manage time?
A: Daily to do lists and I love to work backwards. To set my goals I focus on how many people I want to help, then start applying numbers to it. Time management is always a work in progress because I can easily get carried away when the muse strikes and realize 3-4 hours have passes. Alarms on my phone are a great help too. 
Q: If you were not in your current position, where and who would you be?
A: I would probably be a librarian or a teacher, I like to think I would still be the same person. 
Q: What is the biggest mistake you see female entrepreneurs make?
A: Not knowing their worth and being afraid of the “cattiness”. 
Q:Can you describe your innovative thinking process?
A: Lol, no, I wish I could. It’s something unique to me I like to call creative chaos. I’m driven by different moods, so what works for me doesn’t work for everyone else. I love teaching my clients how to think for themselves and develop a process that works for them. 
Q:Breakfast or Lunch?
A: Lunch.
Q: How do you meet and connect with people?
A: Instagram, Facebook, Panera Bread, and Starbucks. I connect a lot online, but make it a point to have an out of the office day at least once a week so I can get around the hustle and bustle of other people. Learning to strike up conversations with strangers has helped me get over quite a few fears and gained me some new clients. 
Q:What books, influential women, experiences shaped your thinking?
Influential Women-
Melissa Harris-Perry
Q: What was your biggest lesson? How did you handle it?
A: Not being myself is a slow death. I learned to stay focused on opportunities and growth meant for me, those who didn’t agree or didn’t like it could kick rocks. I only get one life and I intend to leave a mark. I can’t do that my being a copy or watered down version of myself.
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