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Modern Entrepreneur: Nikk Nelson

In the era of colorful, whimsical and outrageous hair styling one can begin to believe natural hairstyles are a trend of the past. However, natural hair styling (no chemicals) is the newest trend taking over today’s celebrity pop culture. Along with this hair trend is a fast emerging celebrity hairstylist that is an expert in natural hair styling and his name is Nikk Nelson.
Nikk opened the doors to his own salon, Pressed Natural Hair Care (PNHC),one of a very few natural hairstyling salons in Atlanta, GA. You may have seen him walking side by side with his client and dear friend Angela Simmons.

Naturally, Nikk has styled some of the top names in entertainment including actress Aja Naomi King of HTGAWM, Kyla Pratt, Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunsford, Porsha Williams of RHOA ,Ryan Destiny of Fox’s New series STAR, Olympic Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, The Real’s co-host Adrienne Bailon, K. Michelle, T Pain, Teyanna Taylor…and many more.

Q: What/who inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
A: My parents inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Both my parents worked for themselves. My mom had her own clothing line and my father was and is a professional photographer. So the entrepreneurial bug hit meat a very young age.
Q: Fall or Spring?
A: Fall always!!! The crisp cool air always reminds me of the fond memories of school. Memories that i cherish from grade school to college. I absolutely love the fall!! It was also when I pledged the best Fraternity in the world Alpha Phi Alpha!! And you get to wear the nicest clothes in the Fall!!!

Q:How did you identify your most productive time? Do you have a specific time of the day that you are the most productive?
A: My most productive time is during the morning before noon!! I get up every morning to take my son to school and i cherish those moments we have every morning. He really is my everything and the reason i go so hard in life. i feel like i am his example as to what a man and a father should be and we love our time together. So once I drop him at school then my day is started.

Q:Your clientele is very diverse and I am sure you experience a range of personalities, how do you stay grounded?
A. Its very easy for me to stay grounded. Im from a very small town and Im still friends with almost all my friends I grew up with. I don’t feel like its necessary to put on airs or to act like you’re better than anyone else. Ive always lived by the motto, People may for get what you say, they may forget what you did, But they will never forget how you make them feel. And I make it my mission to make sure everyone leaves my presence feeling great about themselves.

Q:How important is mentorship in the hair industry? What advice would you give someone that is in search for a mentor?
A: Mentorship is super important in the hair industry. Ive looked up to so many in this industry. From my cousin Sandra who owned her own salon and that gave me my first professional stylist job, to my good friend and previous boss Mike Bellamy who owned one of the nations top African American Salons, N’Seya Salon and Spa, when it wasn’t the norm. They both taught me so much about hair and about the “business” of hair. I think all up and coming stylists should seek mentorship bc i think its a necessity!!

Q: Name 3 technology tools you use to manage yourself
A: Three tech tools I use are…Social Media…i.e. Instagram and Facebook. I also use a scheduling app called Salon Booker to manage my salon schedule which allows me to have a normal life. My major Technology tool that i will be using in 2017 is my own app called WHAIRDO..which is an app for ethnic people that locates stylist in your area that specialize in specific areas of need.
Q:If you had to write a 140 tweet to yourself during your first year of entrepreneurship what would it be?
A:Hey Nikk, this year is not going to be easy, nor will the next year, or the next. But stay the course because it will all work out. You are a gift to this earth and use your gift to spread love and happiness. Your purpose is greater than you know. (He used Twitlonger LOL)

Q: What are the top three things that matter in your life?
A:The top three things that matter to me…My family, My business, and my Friends and Fraternity Brothers

Q:What 3 books do you recommend for new entrepreneurs (aspiring salon brand owners/new salon owners)?
A: I recommend The Secret; The Purpose Driven Life ; Its Not How Much You Make, Its How Much You Keep.

Q: Who are your industry role models?
A: My Industry Role Models…man there are so many. I would say first Mike and Tanya Bellamy, Kim Kimble, Jason Scott, Tokyo Styles, Ursela Stephens, Cesar Ramirez, and Larry Sims.

Q: What are two quotes you live by as a change agent?
A. When people show you who they are…Believe them. And again, People may for get what you say, they may forget what you did, But they will never forget how you make them feel. Im a big Maya Angelou fan!! She was wise!! LOL!!

Q: What makes your brand different?
A: What makes my brand different is that it’s a brand that you can believe in. It a brand that has and will continue to exemplify excellence not in just doing your hair but making you feel special. We are an all male salon and we cater to all women! Our clientele love the fact that its an male only salon. They feel free and very comfortable when they come in to our home. We make them feel like they are special bc thats our mission. We love our clients and they love us!! My stylists are the best in the business!!

Q: If you could start a business with three titans dead or alive, who would it be?
A: Oprah, Mark Cuban, and Russell Simmons!!!

Q: What’s your best kept secret advice for millennial entrepreneurs?
A: For millennials, they have the BEST entrepreneurial tool at their fingertips!!! The Cell Phone!! Use it!!! Make those connections!!! Push thru!!

Q: How realistic is work/life balance for an entrepreneur?
A: If you love your work then its a realistic part of your life and its easy!! I love my work and it fits seamlessly into my life!!! I would definitely say make sure everyone that is important to you fit into that life tho. My spouse is a vital aspect of my work/business and we designed it that way!!!

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