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Shift Happens: The day my heel broke

I parked far away from the church door as I could. That was a sure fire way I could exercise on Sunday. I needed to burn the oatmeal calories. I was in church getting my praise on when wahlah, I felt a shift in my standing. As I was standing there I didn’t pay attention to the shift. After praise and worship I sat down and listened to the teaching for Sunday. Then after church I got up out of my seat for the long stretch back to the car. I got to the parking lot and I realized that ground was not secure under my foot. That shift was my heel breaking on my shoe. I only wore the shoe once. The day I chose to go to the extra step something happens. Let this be a lesson. Shift happens. Take it and work with it. I took a slow stroll back to my car and reflected over the shift.

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