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The day I decided to quit teaching

Yes, I decided to quit teaching a few weeks ago. You read it right. I decided that I did not know everything and I could be a recipient of a good lesson. On that day, I decided that my students were the burning bushes and life’s teachers. I signed an annual contract that required me to teach my students standards based content. Yes, I have that covered. However, that wasn’t the only thing God had planned for me. (Not to mention that I have applied to over 100 jobs and turned down for every last one.) There was a hidden agenda embedded in the contract. I signed the contract to be the learner and my students were my teachers. Roles reversed. Each day my students teach me the standard of humility, selflessness, and endurance. Colleges do not train you for this type of life class or grant a degree in this field either. Although I have been happy I finally found true happiness the day I quit teaching and became a student of life.

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